Fermentation, oils, new kitchen devices and of course the farmers.

On the next Chef's Day, which will be held with the support of Chef congress Fontegro Ukraine, it would be tolled:

- about fermentation in the hot sauces preparation;

- about wine vinegar;

- about the Scandinavian culinary techniques in "firsthand" from the chef, who passed an internship in a restaurant with 2* Michelin;

- about craft products that farmers will personally represent;

- about PacoJet and its counterpart from Italians;

- also major producer from Western Ukraine will visit GastroHub/ He will talk about the production, storage and use of vegetable oils;

- and of course self-education! We will talk about book updates for chefs!

Anyone can take part in the excursion at the market “Stolichny”.

Entry to the event is free by pre-registering at the link.

There will also be an online broadcasting.