«Kozа Chka» collects cheese-makers in GastroHub

The cheese-making course will hold the cheese-makers tandem - Valdas Kavaliauskas from Lithuania and the Ukrainian cheese-maker Tatiana Diadechko, the founder of the “Koza Chka” Company, who entered the top 500 successful women in Ukraine according to the version of magazine“Women”. 

During the course, the following questions will be considered:

- assessment of milk quality;

- use of bacteria and enzymes;

- work with a cluster;

- methods of cheese salting;

- the art of cheese storage or refinishing.

The participants of the course will work on the technology of cheeses with blue mold, such as Roquefort and other.

And after the end of course it will take place a meeting with Ukrainian and Lithuanian cheesemakers tasting delicious cheeses with stories about the history of their making.

For more information on participation, please call 0969822582