On 7 September, the Agricultural Advisory Centre Bridges invites you to attend a seminar All About Cider hosted by an expert at Pennsylvania Cider Guild, a professor of marketing and entrepreneurship in the agribusiness field at Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA – Carla Snyder.

The following issues will be discussed during the meeting:
- opportunities and economic feasibility of cider production in Ukraine;
- production of cider in the United States;
- ways of developing cider consumption sector;
- main components of a business plan to process apples for cider.

All participants will be able to talk to an expert, get answers to their questions, and evaluate their own
potential. After the seminar, the tasting of different types of cider awaits visitors!

The training is free of charge. The number of participants is limited.
For any questions, please call: Olena Bushmakin - 050 443 3885, Natalia Parkhomets - 050 411 6269