Hummingbirds on cakes at GastroHub

Colorful birds have diversified Saturday at our location


GastroHub is a multifunctional space. Checked by “Syngenta”.

Club of Strategic Partners organized by Syngenta in the framework of its cooperation with representatives of the fruit and vegetable business made two days at GastroHub very fruitful.


Fermentation: the beginning.

Mushrooms, vinegars, cheeses and sausages, Louis Pasteur, temperature and humidity – what does  combined them? Professor at the Basque Culinary Center Diego Prado made it.


Oils, sauces, desserts, creams and drinks - about them it was spoken at Chef-days in Gastrohub.

People who are not strangers to Ukrainian gastronomy and local product meet on the Chefs-day. Exchange of thoughts is always fruitful. So today every participant has learned something useful.


The first Chefs day was held!

Chefs, suppliers of equipment and inventory, producers of agricultural products attended the event in GastroHub