San Sebastian, local products and review of the culinary show.

The last Chef Day, which is held every month at GastroHub together with the training center Fontegro, has taken place!


Connoisseurs of delicious food spent the first winter Sunday morning in GastroHub

Dariya Doroshkevich, the founder and host of the food blog, Ambassador Jamie Oliver in Ukraine, held a contact fish workshop.


If you think you know everything about pork, believe us, you are mistaken!

Petya Pavlovich - a cook from Moscow - showed how to work with pork.


“Koza Chka” and Lithuanian cheese-makers visited GastroHub

Cheese from Ukraine and Lithuania, wine and a crazy amount of new information - this was the beginning of the work of the International Cheese Association.


Hummingbirds on cakes at GastroHub

Colorful birds have diversified Saturday at our location