Cuisine of China and Vietnam at GastroHub!

Peking duck, spring rolls with tiger shrimp and tuna fillet, Hong Kong style noodles and more!

Module “Sourdough bread” in the “Gastro HUB Bakery”!

The first event module “Sourdough bread” with Profitex in the updated Gastro HUB Bakery studio!

Thai cuisine at the Gastrohub!

On November 2, the start of the "Asian Cuisine for Beginners" school was launched!

“How to create new tastes”

Using various spice blends as an example, participants learnt how to create new tastes.

It’s All About Fish

10 speakers had been training about 80 cooks to cook and be clued up about fish and seafood professionally

“Asian Cuisine for Beginners”!

The lesson was dedicated to the main ingredients of Vietnam and Thailand.