Fermentation: the beginning.

 The lecture on fermentation, organized at the GastroHub by the International Chefs Congress  Fontegro, is part of a closed course for chefs and a mandatory component of basic education at the Basque Culinary Center. San Sebastian, where the Center is located, is known not only for its pretty beaches, but also for one of the best educational culinary centers in the world. That is why the arrival of Center’s professor Diego Prado is a particularly significant event. And, the lecture with which he visited Kiev is unique and informative for chefs not only in Ukraine.

The topic of the lecture is fermentation - a biochemical process in which organic matter is converted into another, generally simpler, under the action of microorganisms.

Arch-father Louis Pasteur, who actually discovered it, called this process "Life is out of the air". Since that time, many chemical processes associated with fermentation have become more understandable. Therefore, today we were able to discuss the effect of temperature, humidity, pH, salt, time and equipment on the fermentation process. And, also a pear with mold, salami with penicillin, why cheeses with mold are liquid, how to concern rice, overgrown with white, or green, or gray, or red mold; what is koji and what does Japan have to do with it, how do they get sake and soy sauce. We also heard an interesting story, what will happen if we take the best bread in the world baked in San Sebastian, add koji, water and salt.

Today, also another striking thing happened to us - the tasting of the professor's preparations, which he brought with him from the Basque country: wine vinegar - from sour to sweet, from apple to banana and many other fermented products.

Fermentation - crushing food into smaller particles that are more digestible by the body, but to get along with it skillfully - one of the most important promises of the day – check your facts!

We will definitely listen to knowledgeable people and support the organization of educational activities in GastroHub.