GastroHub is a multifunctional space. Checked by “Syngenta”.

Manufacturers of seeds, plant protection products and fruits and vegetables, representatives of retail chains, wholesale markets, restaurateurs gathered at the location.

Participants had a lot to discuss and to tell. They spoke in particular about the international experience of establishing relations of manufacturers with retail chains and wholesale markets. “GoodWine” and “Prime Lab Tech” presented the first pilot project, which has already been implemented in the framework of the Club of Strategic Partners. The Ministry of Agrarian Development presented an interesting idea, which is already in the process of implementation, called “Grow Ukraine”.

Innovative projects - GastroHub and Ukrainian Food Lab - were presented to the participants by the wholesale market “Stolichny” and the International Chef Congress Fontegro. The focus of the whole bloc was the development of a local product and the creation of a culture of its consumption, bringing Ukrainian gastronomy to a qualitatively new level, quality of products produced in Ukraine.

And, in the evening of the first day, the premises from the conference room, where participants discuss, and study, in a 30 minutes turned into a banquet hall with beautiful instruments and delicious food. The chef of the restaurant “Beef meet and wine” with his assistants pleasantly surprised guests with dishes from vegetables that were grown from the seeds of “Syngenta”.