“Koza Chka” and Lithuanian cheese-makers visited GastroHub

“Oseredok Syrovara” is a new established Lithuanian-Ukrainian association whose main goal is the development of rural areas through local cheese production.

Thanks to the initiative group from Lithuania – “Viva Sol” Association, represented by director Valdas Kavaliaskas, - and from Ukraine – “Koza Chka”, represented by Tetyana Dyadechko in November, several thematic meetings took place. Two of them were in GastroHub. In addition to the theoretical lecture on the characteristics of cheese making (the choice of milk, its heating temperature, etc.), which took place on November 17, the participants also cooked cheese during a practical lesson (18.11). Eight people personally added fermentation starter, waited for the settling of cheese grains and poured the mixture into forms.

And, in conclusion - of course, the most delicious part was tasting local and Lithuanian cheeses with Ukrainian wine.