Oils, sauces, desserts, creams and drinks - about them it was spoken at Chef-days in Gastrohub.

Abstracts of speakers could be disassembled on quotations. So, the phrase "everything begins with the field" can be considered as a catch phrase, which the representative of company "Holy Shit! Pepper!" - the company which is engaged in manufacture of sauces - has considered. And, lactobacillus are all over blamed in is. They are alive, and therefore they react to temperature, intensity of light, humidity. Therefore, vegetables grown quite close to each other, may have different flavors.

Victor Petrenko shared his invaluable experience in a restaurant in the Arctic сircle and the harvesting of leaflets of cranberries at a temperature of -30C. Many people want to see the inside of the kitchen in the hunting farm with a restaurant that hosts only 24 guests per day, and the hotel for 12 people, but not everyone can do it. And, only participants of the Chef's day at GastroHub could taste the house speciality, dessert from its menu!

Another feature among the innovative equipment, presented by the technology partner of location by Profitex, is the analogue of PacoJet made by Italian company HotmixPro - Giaz, which lets you knock deep frozen foods, and HotmixPro Combo - a genius car with 24 features.

The Chef’s day couldn’t be without tasting? Goat cheese made by "Zinka", which washed down with wine and cider, vegetable oils and sauces did not leave any of the participants indifferent.It was interesting, cozy and soulful on this day, so to be continued!