Practical course "Hard and semi-hard cheeses" from Tatiana Dyadechko in GastroHub.

Ten lucky persons during four days spent in the company of the cheese sorceress - Tatiana Dyadechko. Yes-yes! A real sorceress, because only sorceress can create so tasty, high-quality, safe and diverse cheeses! For four days Tatiana shared her magical powers and knowledge with the participants of the practical course “Hard and semi-hard cheeses”. And, she collected these knowledge by grain in Switzerland and France.     

Thanks to this, students learned the Swiss cheesecake technology, tested enzymes from France, practically worked out cheeses of the type Grüier and Halumo, observed the ripening of cheeses and afinash. Quirk, Belper Knoll, Raclette, Pasta Filata, Tet de Mouan, Caljatta, Mozzarella also did not go unnoticed. Discussed also the most important issues of compliance with sanitary norms in the production of cheese, the system of risk analysis, hazardous factors and control of critical points (HACCP).

And, a few secrets from Tatiana: milk is a live product, which is affected even by the weather. Therefore, by the cheese making in a thunderstorm or rain it is necessary to add more enzyme to milk. For maximum product safety, it is necessary regularly change the washing means. It turns out that mushrooms and bacteria very quickly produce immunity to the "violators" of their calmness.

Well, we are waiting for new achievements from Tatiana. And new practical courses at GastroHub.