Ruben Trincado "About mushrooms and truffles using Spanish textures"

Spain has long been pleased with the gastronomic world with its innovative techniques and approaches. The Basque country and San Sebastian are generally ahead of the curve!In two days, on February 23 and 24, two important events took place in Kiev with the participation of a third-generation Spanish chef, the owner and chef of Mirador de Ulia, a restaurant with a Michelin star. From San Sebastian Ruben Trincado, brought with him a piece of Spanish cuisine, techniques and ideas.

At the workshop, mushrooms, eggs, cod belly acquired interesting textures in the hands of the master. Unexpectedly, our beloved traditional black pudding has surprised, but in the Spanish manner - with pineapples. And a long, long emotional discussion about what will happen with the egg, if you put it in a freezer for two days with a temperature of -18 degrees, did not leave anyone indifferent.It was also talking about the osmosis technology: about the transition from one liquid state to another liquid state. The most famous of them is the transition from salt water to the sweet.

And three components of the success of Ukrainian gastronomy from Ruben Trinkado:

• Product;

• Desire to learn;

• Desire for improvement.

All three components are inherent in Ukrainian chefs, and therefore success must be!

We are especially pleased that the workshop of Ruben Trinkado took place, according to the chef himself, at one of the best markets for fruits and vegetables, fish and fermented products that he has seen!  

We are sure that emotional communication with the participants of the master class and interaction with the audience will be remembered for a long time.