San Sebastian, local products and review of the culinary show.

For a start, one of the series of the world famous cooking show was dismantled together with Ekaterina Avdeeva. The participants took note of the most interesting pumpkin cooking techniques used by cooks on different continents.

Then they became inspired by the experience of restaurant’s Lucky Restaurant Vinoteque sous chef, who shared his impressions of practical training in the small, but famous for the entire gastronomic world town  San Sebastián (Spain).

He made his real acquaintance with Mise en place, it came to the realization that the dish is not only a “dish”, fish is not just a fish, caviar is not just caviar, but something common, united by a common idea. And all the employees of the restaurant are a team, entity, and a whole organism working for a common result.

And once again this event showed the wealth and the widest choice of local product. On December 18, participants were introduced to TM “Effo” - a manufacturer of local sunflower oil, flour and bread from TM “Zhornova”, as well as dairy products from TM “Paolo”. And within the framework of the practical component of the world, Yuri Priemsky, the chef of the restaurant "Odesa", prepared tuna with orange potatoes and black garlic sauce from TM "Mr. Garlic", which is also made in Ukraine.