On 27 August, GastroHub hosted a seminar on training and practical exercises to make candies with stuffing and bake marzipan. The seminar was organized by Arsproject in Kyiv (selling appliances, equipment and raw materials for confectionery and baking industries) and their German partner – the world-famous company Lubeca (manufacturing chocolate, covers, nougat, praline, marzipan, etc.).

Pastry chef Jens Visser demonstrated how to make delicious desserts from their products. For his masterpieces, he used milk chocolate Caramel 33% and chocolate nougat GIANDUJA, 33% white chocolate, dark cover Fehmarn 60%, and milk cover Timmendorf 42%. Among the participants, there were also representatives of candy manufacturers, confectioneries, and private confectioners. Everyone could enjoy the process, participate in the preparation of confectionery masterpieces, and even taste:

- Soft Tuscan macaroons
- Einstein’s cake (baked marzipan squares)
- Napoleon hat (Danish pastries with marzipan)
- Florentine cookies (Sicilian almond pastries)
- Orange mini cake with marzipan
- Marzipan cake

Everyone received comprehensive answers to their questions, and saw a master class on preparing the
base and stuffing for handmade sweets, various ganaches, and macaroons. It was tasty and informative!