On Sunday evening a young chef Daniil Yakovenko made his debut.

The first author's dinner at GastroHub was held by the chef of one of Kiev restaurants Daniil Yakovenko. The sous-chef Radochinsky Dmitry helped him. For guests were cooked salad with avocado, quinoa and cherry, oysters with pomegranate sauce, red perch with vegetable ravioli made from zucchini, carrots, pepper, wild mushrooms and champignons with added truffle oil and oyster sauce. For dessert, as announced by the chef, the guests were given a surprise - a carrot cake.

And the author’s dinner was “warmed up” not only with stories about culinary techniques, cooking and recipes, but also conversations about personal growth, development and success of a favorite business. By the way recipes of all dishes, Daniil generously shares with his guests.

Daniil Yakovenko promised that this was only the beginning of his work with GastroHub.

So follow our announcements.