A professional open kitchen with modern equipment allows simultaneously cooking two chefs with their assistants. Kitchen area is 60 sq. m. The total area with a listening room is 165 sq. m.

The central 5-meter cooking table with a sink and a built-in thermal closet is on the stage. It allows comfortably hold events without closing the visibility to participants.

Among other events that can be hold at the Kitchen of our GastroHub there are professional culinary courses, themed master classes, menu processing, product studies and their presentation, gastronomic parties, corporate parties are just some.

Additional equipment may be installed depending on the specifics of the event.

The following equipment is at the disposal of the cooks

  1. Low-temperature cook and hold oven with external smoker Moduline;
  2. Refrigerating and freezing chambers Asber, 700l each;
  3. Refrigerated tables Asber;
  4. Hood-type dishwasher Asber with washing cycle from 1 to 3 minutes;
  5. Single-burner induction cookers Hendi;
  6. Induction deep fryer Hendi;
  7. Blender Hendi for making fruit and milk cocktails with a 2l glass;
  8. Steam convector Distform MyChef;
  9. Dry Aging cabinet DryAge;
  10. Sous-Vide from Sammic;
  11. Planetary mixer Sammic;
  12. Ice mashine Asber, which produces up to 40 kg of ice per day;
  13. Temperature сooler and shock freezer Asber;
  14. Vacuum packing machine Sammic;
  15. Slicer Sammic.

Photos from the events